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Healthy Living Tips

Are you ready to get real? As in really healthy?

If you are ready to learn how your home, water and food can be harming your health and your family’s health…. How do you ask ~ ready to learn more?

Love the smell of fresh flowers but cannot always afford to purchase a weekly bouquet? I have the healthiest solution for your home and your family.

First let me tell you about how harmful scented candles are for you and your family.

Candles: Unless they are beeswax candles or soy with with a carbon-less wick don’t bother. Why?

Not only are they toxic when they burn, they emit dangerous chemicals that genetically alter human hormones. That is a huge statement but it is true.

They are harmful to breathe in and many people have their throat close up around scented candles – a good sensitivity to have. Your body is telling you this is toxic get out and don’t breathe.

So, how do you get a wonderful smell into the home without harming you, your family or pets? Use aromatherapy instead! It’s affordable and you control the smell, you have many options provided you purchase an excellent quality aromatherapy line.

I am here to help you make the clean, affordable choice!