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Presence of Wellness, owner Simone Cameron is committed to providing the highest standard of health and wellness services centered to your personal goals. Exploring a variety of natural paths you will become more energized...

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Reflexology is an excellent antidote to stress and therefore reduces stress related conditions. Relaxation is a prerequisite for optimum health.

Simone Cameron is an ARCB Certified Reflexology Therapist registered with the Reflexology Association of America.

Reflexology adheres to the professional standards as set forth by the American Board. Both are geared towards healing, energizing and empowering individuals of all ages with compassion, dignity and positive interpersonal communication.

  • 1/2 hour – $40
  • 1 hour – $65
  • 1 hour with Sugar scrub – $70
  • 1-1/4 hour with Hot Stone – $80

Great for Neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, foot pain of any kind.

Benefits of Reflexology:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Relaxation
  • Pain Management
  • Health Enhancement
  • Improved Body Function

Reflexology helps normalize all body functions to improve your health naturally. Most illness is the result of improper maintenance of the body. The resulting imbalance creates a build-up of toxins in the system which inhibits the free flow of energy essential to our well-being. Reflexology relaxes the body, releases an unrestricted flow of vitality and restores balance, encouraging the body’s own healing system to take over.

A Reflexology Therapist does not:

  • Diagnose medical disorders
  • Treat medical conditions directly
  • Prescribe or adjust medications
  • Replace the need for physician’s care

For more information about our Reflexology, kindly call us at 203-218-7668. You may also send us a message through our contact us page.

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