Mission Statement

Presence of Wellness, owner Simone Cameron is committed to providing the highest standard of health and wellness services centered to your personal goals. Exploring a variety of natural paths you will become more energized...

2154 Duck Slough Blvd., Suite 103
Trinity, FL 34655
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phone Phone: 203-218-7668

email Email:  Info@SimoneCameron.com

Package Plan Pricing

Six month plan**:

  • Weekly for custom restorative yoga w/therapies*:
    60 minutes – $60/week
  • Biweekly for yoga w/therapies:
    60 minutes =$65/week
  • Monthly for yoga w/therapies:
    60 minutes =$70/month

Please note:
*Shirodhara add-on $15 if prepaid

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