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Presence of Wellness, owner Simone Cameron is committed to providing the highest standard of health and wellness services centered to your personal goals. Exploring a variety of natural paths you will become more energized...

Tarpon Springs, FL 34688
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phone Phone: 203-218-7668

email Email:  Info@SimoneCameron.com

Classes & Workshops

Simone’s Yoga style is warm and inviting. She is compassionate and experienced therapist dedicated to serving the needs of the community. She offers the following types of classes:

  • Integral Yoga
  • Private Yoga Therapy
  • Yoga for Mature Adults, children & special needs
  • Yoga for Your Body Type (Ayurveda)
  • Kripalu (gentle, moderate & vigorous)
  • Yoga Tools for Teachers: Children’s Yoga Ed. K-12

Yoga Specialty Classes

Integral Yoga: Students are introduced to various breathing techniques, postures, meditation and relaxation.

Kripalu Yoga: Students are encouraged to modify the poses according to individual needs. Emphasis is placed on relaxation, flexibility and strength, breath and movement.

Intermediate & Advanced Yoga: With the guidance of your instructor, you will challenge your body to build and develop strength and flexibility.

Children’s Yoga Ed. K-12: Students will learn to do yoga based on their body type. Yoga is an individual journey and based on where you are at this point in your life. We will determine the type of yoga that is right for YOU!

Yoga Tools for Teachers (YT4T): Yoga Tools Address The Crisis In Schools: physical fitness, ADD/ ADHD, reduces stress, improves attention span, concentration, achievement, and reduces incidences of bullying and violence.

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