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Presence of Wellness, owner Simone Cameron is committed to providing the highest standard of health and wellness services centered to your personal goals. Exploring a variety of natural paths you will become more energized...

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Client Testimonial

  • Everything Right, Missed this mail before . You’re the greatest. Very professional . Massage is taking away my pain…. ~ Kenneth P.
  • Customer Service, Environment, Quality. Simone was wonderful. It was such a calming and healing experience. I will definitely be going back to help me in my spiritual and emotional healing journey. ~ Christina P.
  • Satisfied. All of the above. My feet feel great (and my shoes fit better). ~ Rachel L.
  • Customer Service, Offerings, Other, Quality, Timeliness. This was my first reflexology session, with wonderful Simone. It was fabulous! I was very impressed and will add this to my monthly routine. ~ Rebecca P.
  • Simone is the best! Kind, caring, knowledgeable! This is my first experience with Reiki and I am hooked. Simone does everything in her power to make you feel comfortable and cared for. She has great energy and a loving heart. She explains everything and really cares for your whole body and mind. I have learned so much from her already. So glad she is in my life! Thank you, Simone. ~ Elli P.
  • Simone is an experienced and professional teacher, always with a smile on her face. Helpful and motivating comments on how each posture helps your body. Excellent class for everyone’s ability. Friendly and relaxing atmosphere. Absolutely brilliant!! Highly recommended. ~ Don P.
  • I have been taking private Yoga lessons with Simone on a weekly basis for almost six months. Simone has been great to work with. She has provided excellent instruction and guidance through the whole process. She is very knowledgeable and patient. My sole just feels better after working with Simone. I highly recommend her. ~ Ken T.
  • Had my first reflexology massage due to bone spurs on my foot. My foot was very swollen & I was nervous the touching would be painful. Quite the opposite. Simone knows her stuff & within a few seconds, I was so relaxed I could have fallen asleep, but didn’t want to miss the fact that this felt so good! Although it was a foot massage, I truly came out feeling as if it was a whole body massage. Simone was wonderful! & planning to do it again very soon. ~ Roseanne H.
  • I was referred to Simone by a friend. I was intrigued by the benefits of reflexology, particularly in reducing pain (in my feet), enhancing relaxation (super hyper person), and reducing psychological symptoms, such as my own anxiety and depression. I can’t provide enough kudos for Simone. I had been searching for some time to find an experienced, professional, and effective reflexology practitioner that works in a relaxing space, and that I want to return to again and again. She takes the time to truly listen, is extremely intuitive, and above all incredibly kind. Simone just on her energy alone, she has an overall calming personalty. My first treatment was amazing and I must say that my feet feel lighter due to increased circulation and reduced inflammation around my ankle joints; just feeling better overall. Had a follow-up session, one week later and symptoms are still gone. There is no question Simone’s work has left me feeling better lately. I would highly recommend Simone. ~ Dean M.
  • Resolved my Plantar Fasciitis Issue After suffering for over month with severe Plantar Fasciitis, I decided to see Simone for foot massage therapy. As a lifetime runner, I was pretty bummed out not be able to run at all. After just one session, I saw immediate improvement and was able to slowly start back running over the next few weeks. Simone is very professional and thorough in her technique. In fact the sessions were not painful and quite relaxing. I am very happy to say that I am now fully recovered and back running every day. ~ Robert M.
  • Simone is awesome. Do not miss an opportunity for a treatment with Simone! ~ Darlene J.
  • If you need pain relief and mobility I highly recommend Simone. Her wealth of knowledge and experience continues to enhance my health, strength and overall wellbeing. She applies her methods with skill, empathy and I always feel renewed after every session. ~ Cherie K.
  • My experience at presence of wellness was wonderful, relaxing. Have had a walking problem for sometime, two visits to Presence of Wellness had my foot an leg muscles feeling much stronger, an I was walking at a normal steady walk again. Simone was knowable an also informative about the whole process. I would reccomend her to anyone with health problems. Presence of Wellness dba Stelios Spine & Health. ~ Kristen C.
  • Simone has saved my life! Reflexology has been a savior to me, never realized how important it is. With the help of Simone, my surgery recovery time was much less than what the Doctors has told me. Back golfing in no time. Thank you Simone!! ~ Kurt L.
  • Absolutely love my reflexology. It has been the perfect combo to my back rehab. I am addicted. Anyone suffering with any kind of pain should without question try this. On top of the awesome benefits Simone is so caring and knowledgeable. Love her ~ Tami G.
  • Simone has been a Godsend for me. She has been working with me one-on-one to heal muscle strain and imbalance issues stemming from an accident I had. No matter what I am struggling with at my appointments, she has a path toward healing for the issue— sometimes static stretches, sometimes reflexology massage— and she always gives me a plan to continue with at home for continued healing. Simone has such a wide range of therapies to offer, and I cannot recommend her highly enough— she is excellent and a wonderful partner in your path to health. ~ Kelly H.
  • Wonderful!! Can’t say enough good things about Simone!! She is awesome and caring and knowledgeable. Come in aching and leave fully relaxed and whole! ~ Barbara A.
  • Truly enjoy your class. ~ Tammy S.
  • Hi, Simone. I tell it like it is. I’m thrilled with the improvement thus far. ~ Anastastia W.
  • THANK YOU for the wonderful Allergy lecture…!!
    I really enjoyed learning about the one day cleansing procedure at Friday’s workshop. ~ Dorothy W.
  • Your Monday yoga class has been amazing! I feel like I’m getting a lot stronger and my breathing is definitely improving. I’m still having trouble taking deep breaths, but I’m getting there. My lungs were clear at my checkup last week- first time in 9 years! ~ Nancy P.
  • Simone your hands feel like magic.
    I can tell you love what you do by the way you pour yourself into helping me heal. ~ Florence R.
  • I am so relaxed receiving Reflexology from Simone that I always fall asleep. ~ Julie S.
  • This was my first reflexology session, with wonderful Simone. It was fabulous! I was very impressed and will add this to my monthly routine. ~ Jason T.
  • Simone is the best Yoga Teacher, I would not do yoga with anyone else. ~ James C.
  • I feel absolutely amazing after my Reflexology session with Simone – she is so caring and provides complete relaxation. ~ Christina
  • The Biomat feels amazing – I always fall asleep during Reflexology. So peaceful and relaxing! ~ Kurt S.
  • I just had the most wonderful reflexology session with Simone Cameron! It was so relaxing, I feel like I just woke up from a great night of sleep, energized and ready to go!
    Through Simone’s technique and knowledge she was able to detect and work on the corresponding areas in my body that are problematic. I am amazed! ~ Traci Z.
  • I have to thank my yoga teacher because I can crawl under the roses to remove the winter protection, the mulch, ~ Nancy S.
  • Thank you for a very informative and enjoyable class last week: 1d cleanse. ~ Jane H.

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